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CAG is a consortium of companies that provides composite solutions for OEM’s actively interested in replacing traditional materials with composites and other advanced materials. Solutions involving reducing weight, improving thermal efficiency, extending battery life, improving corrosion resistance and a number of other value propositions are the focus of the CAG collaborations. CAG works to deliver these value propositions in a competitive cost model.

OEMs new to composites sometimes find the task of making composites daunting. There is a lot of complexity in the composites supply chain. CAG helps these OEM’s chart a path forward through collaboration with CAG technology members which represent the whole composites supply chain. CAG harnesses the power of creativity and collaboration for stronger profitable commercial success for the entire consortium.

Case Study

| Wabash National 53’ Composite Trailer

Here is an example of the complexity that CAG solves. We work with non-competitive companies to bring solutions to OEM producers.

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“CAG has been instrumental to our success in disrupting the transportation and infrastructure markets. CAG brings the business expertise to make Structural Composites’ innovations successful.”
SCOTT LEWIT President of Structural Composites

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